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Care + Maintenance FAQs

How do I use my electric/hydraulic landing gear on my trailer?

The landing gear on your trailer may be powered with an electric motor that runs a hydraulic pump. The landing gear is operated up or down using controls located near the landing gear. 

If the motor does not operate, such as when the battery is fully discharged, the landing gear can be operated manually by operating the pump locatedon the landing gear. Refer to the instructions provided by the landing gear manufacturer that were included with your trailer.

How do I use my Air Ride suspension on my trailer?

Your trailer may be equipped with air ride suspension. The compressed air for the suspension can come from the tow vehicle or a compressor mounted to the trailer. Refer to the suspension manufacturer's information for operating instructions.

Why are my interior dome lights and exterior flood lights not working?

The number one cause for this issue is no 12-volt power is being supplied to the trailer.

Note: If your trailer comes with a 12-volt battery package, the lights will work for a short time until the battery is drained of power. If no 12-volt power is being supplied to the trailer from the tow vehicle.

Check the vehicle receptacle plug for 12-volt power. (Top RH pin of the receptacle plug)

If no power is being supplied to this pin, locate the power fuse for the tow package in the tow vehicle fuse box. If the fuse is bad, replace the fuse. (Note, most of the newer model trucks do not come with a fuse in the power block installed in the tow package.) If so, install the vehicle manufactures recommended fuse.

If this does not correct the issue, please contact your Cimarron dealer for assistance.

How do I wash my trailer?

Washing the exterior of your trailer regularly is the easiest way to maintain its new appearance. It is recommended to wash the exterior at least every three months, with cool or lukewarm water and a neutral ph automotive detergent solution. Numerous cleaning products are available from your local automotive supply store.

  • Never use strong house hold detergents or soap, such as dish washing or laundry liquid. These products can discolor and spot the painted and natural aluminum surfaces of your trailer.
  • Hint: DO NOT USE “Dawn®” brand dish washing detergent, it can cause permanent tea colored stains on natural aluminum surfaces.
  • Never wash a trailer that is “hot to the touch” or during exposure to strong, direct sunlight.
  • Always use a clean sponge, carwash mitt, or truck type soft brush and pole with plenty of water for best results. Dry the trailer with a chamois or soft terry cloth towel in order to eliminate water spotting.
I lost my keys, what do I do?

We all loose our keys from time to time, not to worry. Located in your users manual you will find your key numbers this will help you determine which replacement key you will need.

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