We are seeing Green at Cimarron Trailers

Cimarron Team
February 24, 2016
We are seeing Green at Cimarron Trailers

Check out this custom Ivy Green trailer we just finished!

Our customers wanted to a new Stierwalt Cattle trailer to reflect their ranch color – Ivy Green.  So with a little bit a research, we found a green sheet to match their colors.  Just another reason why Cimarron Trailers are the World’s Best Custom Trailer.  This trailer is way more than just green.  It has so more amazing custom options that we want to show you.

This trailer is 34’x8’x6′” with a hay rack, side ramp, 5′ tack area, generator storage, double awnings, additional lower tie rail over the wheels (removable), 17.5″ aluminum wheels, A/C in tack area, hydraulic jack, “mirrored” plexi-glass, plug-ins on the bottom rail of the trailer and the interior top rail and a fan track to hang fans from inside the trailer.

2 side

Here’s a shot of the other side with the generator compartment.


Rear ramp over the back doors, EZ Angle ladder, safety fence on the back of the sheeted hay rack.

Both of the 50/50 rear doors on this trailer fold completely back along side the trailer and lock in place. This allows the customer to work out of the back storage/equipment area of the trailer and keeps the doors out of the way.  Equipment compartment in the back of this trailer has LED Opti-brite lights and an escape door.

Here’s a shot of the interior from the back to the front.  Fan track runs down the middle of the trailer and you can see the walk-through door to the tack area.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these custom trailer options.  Like our Facebook page for more custom Cimarron Trailers!

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