Inlaid Brand Options from Cimarron Trailers!

Cimarron Team
April 18, 2016
Inlaid Brand Options from Cimarron Trailers!

Inlaid Brand Options from Cimarron Trailers

We want to help you show your individuality!  Show off the family brand, company logo or even favorite football team with an inlaid brand, logo or graphic design on your Cimarron Trailer!  With both the inlaid circle and inlaid oval options, we can accommodate most brands, logos and designs.  Our engineers can help design your brand, initials or favorite show animal into an aluminum design. Custom paint colors may also be used.

Here are just few examples of our inlaid brand/design options.


Aluminum hog in a maroon oval design.

Inliad logo

Five Star brand circle inlaid on black background.


Oval design with Orange OSU on black background.

Custom Inlaid Design

Custom graphic design for Willow Springs Cattle Company.

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