Tips for traveling with your horse

Cimarron Team
September 16, 2020
Tips for traveling with your horse

Before your next equestrian journey, consider some of these long-distance traveling tips to help the journey go smoothly and keep your horse happy:

Make sure your horse is healthy

Be sure your horse is current on all of their vaccinations and that you have the paperwork to prove it. Also make sure your horse is fit and in the proper condition to travel in a trailer for longer periods of time.

Keep your horse hydrated

If you’re driving from a cooler to a warmer climate, be sure to stop every 4 hours and offer your horse water to promote sweating and prevent overheating.

Keep your horse breathing easy

Equine asthma can be aggravated during long road trips due to changing air quality. Prevent this by providing dust-free hay, plenty of water and by allowing your horse to lower his or her head. Minimize the dust your horse is exposed to as much as possible.

Let your horse stretch their legs

It’s important to take breaks along the way if you’re driving longer than 6 hours so you can let your horse work their muscles. Try taking quick 20 minute walks with them at a quiet rest stop.

Cimarron has a variety of trailer sizes available, including living quarters trailers, that make traveling a breeze.  Each Cimarron trailer is designed and built individually. Cimarron works with top notch professionals to finish the interior of each trailer, truly creating a custom-built trailer and interior from start to finish.

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